Hello World!

This is what I look like a rainy Sunday

So, I guess this is it…the beginning of the blog. I have been advised to give it a shot, and I do love to blabber on. Maybe this is a good thing. I’d love to have followers – not in a cult leader find of way – just the kind that your words and thoughts can inspire or at least entertain. The problem is that my head is full of so many things. How can I pick one thing to blog about? I certainly cannot have 25 different blogs going on…so, I am going to see how it goes. I hope to find this to be an outlet of sorts. A place to “clean house” in my mind. I don’t want this to be a dark, unvisited storage shed kind of place to store my thoughts. Maybe more like an IKEA garage type of storage place. Somewhere organized and somewhat pleasant to spend time in.

Here goes: Welcome to my blog. Myndstorm is a place to read about my mind…a brain storm of thoughts, advice, ideas, and things I like to look at or think about. I like to think I have interesting things in my mind, and here is to hoping you can make some use of them! CHEERS and thanks for visiting:)


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